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"Bo" the Werewolf Plush

"Bo" the Werewolf Plush

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Meet Bo. He’s a werewolf! And unlike other werewolves who love the taste of crunchy humans, Bo wants to be your friend! These days, he’s been less about roaming the forest and more into sitting quietly on the couch to cuddle.

Likes: Howling at the moon, CCR.
Dislikes: Silver, Flea Collars

- Handsewn original plush
- Measures about 8”h x 5”w
- Guaranteed werewolf buddy every day of the month - not just on the full moon!

Materials Used:
• 100% Recycled Felt
• Flannel
• Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread
• Poly-Fil Stuffing
• Safety Nose
• Buttons, Beads, etc.

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