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"Purrfectly Dark" Set of 7 Weatherproof Stickers

"Purrfectly Dark" Set of 7 Weatherproof Stickers

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Show your love of all things Purrrrrfectly Dark with this set of 7 magical black cat high-quality gloss stickers!

This set includes 4 large stickers that are about 4"h x 3”w wide and 3 small stickers that are about 2" tall, by 2" wide.

- Handmade originals, slight variations may occur.
- Gloss stickers on a white background.
- Die cut, ready to peel off and stick.
- Each set comes packaged.
- Perfect for planners, sealing envelopes, party invites, scrapbook pages, for personalizing your spell books and more!

Materials Used:
• Weatherproof Polyester Sticker Paper
• Laser Printed using HP Toners
• Poly bag packaging with a cardstock backer

Please note stickers are Waterproof and not Life-proof. Under rough conditions, some scratching may occur. Handle with care.

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