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"Black Phillip" from The Witch Plush

"Black Phillip" from The Witch Plush

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Wouldst thou like to live deliciously? Our little Black Phillip from “The Witch” plush would love to make a deal with you.

”Black Phillip, Black Phillip 
King of sky and land,
Black Phillip, Black Phillip 
King of sea and sand.
We are ye servants,
We are ye men.
Black Phillip eats the lions
From the lion’s den.”
- The Children’s song from “The Witch”

Originally commissioned by (and lovingly crafted for) one of Salem’s most talented witches @SandraMariahWright.

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• Handmade original design
• Measures about 6”h x 6”w

Materials Used:
• 100% Recycled Felt
• Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread
• Poly-Fil Stuffing
• Faux Fur
• Buttons

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