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Voodoo Doll

Voodoo Doll

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Do you have someone special in mind? Want to let them know just how much they -really- mean to you? Show them by picking up one of our Voodoo Dolls! Give them as a gift or use them yourself to let out some of that pent up angst.

Each doll is hand stitched and comes with a set of pins and a custom How-To guide that is designed to teach you the 'Voo-Do's and Voo-Don'ts'!

• Handmade original design
• Measures about 9”h x 6”w

Materials Used:
• 100% Recycled Felt
• Pearl Cotton Embroidery Thread
• Poly-Fil Stuffing
• Faux Fur
• Buttons, Beads, etc.

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